Maternity photography trends

Since 1990s there's been a steady growing trend in maternity photography that was first inspired by pregnant Demi Moore who appeared naked on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Since this photo pregnancy is not something hidden and shameful. It is celebrated with pride today by women in the modern world. The are embracing their pregnant bodies and want to remember these special moment with professional photographs. The percentage of pregnant women who want to do this photo shoot has been growing steadily from 5% 20 years ago to 30-40% now.

For many women it is hard to get pregnant and when they do they really appreciate and cherish this moment.

The trend is to capture this maternity glow in its full glory with the help of  dramatic lighting, laughing,  different facial expressions.

Some women prefer to stay in maternity clothes, others stay in a sexy robe or even lingerie. And others take of all of the clothes. This depends on how comfortable the woman is in her own skin.

The hair and make up is usually done by most of the women, but some stay bare faced.

70% of the photos are done in black and white. This is a very popular trend.

The pregnant shoot is a special in its own way because the concentration is on their belly and their state of mind achieved through dramatic lighting.

And it should be mentioned that the partner is more often involved in the shoot these days and usually wraps the hands around the belly as if to cherish and embrace the moment of parenthood.

Last but not least, the mothers who already have small children are encouraged to include them in the shoot as a warm welcoming of the unborn baby into the family.

For an usual photo shoot something can be drawn on the pregnant belly like flowers, vegetables,

Halloween theme or Christmas themes depending on the time of the year or personal preferences.