Wedding photography is one of the most competitive, not only the wedding photographer today has to capture all wedding moments but be a salesman and a marketer of its own work. The photographer has to understand and listen to the clients, ask what style and theme of the photography they prefer, where the wedding will take place, what are the props they like to use etc.

One of the growing trends is photojournalism that offer different style compared to the traditional cliche filled one. During wedding photojournalism the photographer is no longer stages the shots and poses, he/she remains behind the scenes and just documents the wedding exactly the way it is happening, capturing just pure realistic wedding moments. The photos taken in this style will be completely individual and no longer feel posed or dull.

The trend of offering the professionally done wedding album is still popular. But some couples will opt for just digital images or so called electronic package.

One of the top trends is offering unique poses for a couple and added pictures props like chalkboards and mirrors.

The funny poses and shots of the flower girls and bridesmaids are definable a trend in its own.

Having the picture of the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses before the wedding is also an interesting trend.

The reflection in mirror or any other surface makes for a great photograph as well.